Tom & Deanne ~

We are primarily tummy rubbers, balls launchers, food and treat dispensers and snugglers for our dogs.  Pretty much everything else we do is related in some way to our dogs or dogs in general. Tom works mainly to support their treat and tennis ball habits, and of course the vet bills. Acupuncture is not cheap! Most of my work as a silversmith is inspired by dogs!

We also happen to be the opposable thumbs behind the Pit Bull Frogs calendar.  We're not a charity or a non-profit organization.  Actually, we're not very organized at all.  But we love dogs more than just about anything and we were inspired by Wilbur's (June Calendar Pittie) photo to create this calendar so that we can donate the proceeds to organizations whose focus is the positive promotion of Pit Bulls.  Read our inspiration story here. We had no previous experience with printing or designing, we just sort of jumped in and committed to the project with little more than our enthusiasm.  All we can say is - thank goodness for . . . 

Danielle ~

Danielle is the superbly talented artist, designer and creative force that brought this calendar to life.  It would most likely not exist if it weren't for her.  She saw the vision right away and brought designs to the table that blew us away and enabled us to feature all of the Pitties that so generously shared their photos and stories with us.  Not only does Danielle possess amazing creative talent, but she has more dedication and patience that anybody we've ever worked with. We see great things in store for this self-described “freelance hobo designer.” We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate that she offered to take on this project and see it through!

Danielle is also dog Mom to Axl and and a Foster Mom Segan, two very handsome Pittie boys!  Axl makes an appearance in the calendar and you can see more of his adorable self in his very own blog - The Book of Axl - An Adopted Pit Bull's Life In Pictures!

Pit Bull Frogs has been a true labor of love for all of us and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring it to you.

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